9/11 We will never forget!


Commemorative medal

"15 years of the 11th september 2001 tragedy" 


9/11 9/11

9/11 9/11

9/11 9/11


This is a private project for private collections. 
Limited edition - only 200 copies were made! 
The second fabrication is excluded - the stamps were destroyed. 
Size: 1.25*0.08 inch.
Material: brass.
Weight 0.47 ounce

Questions and answers.

Q. - Why exactly you?
Ans. - In that way we show the solidarity with the Americans.
Q. - How to contact you?
Ans. - Please ask your question in the comments and let us know your E-mail. We will contact you shortly.
Q. - Why were only 200 copies made?
Ans. - It is not a big commercial project, and we do not make a large quantity of coins. This is a private project, that does not have external funding.
Q. - Will you make additional copies?
Ans. - No. It is categorically excluded.
Q. - Can you deliver this in the US?
Ans. - Yes, it is possible. Make a request in the comments and provide your contact email. We will contact you.